“Reading Mom Was Right felt like a long, leisurely chat over a pot of coffee,
with warm memories of Larry Mathis’ mother interspersed with financial
and life lessons. Mathis’ tone is authoritative yet conversational, so the advice
felt blessedly more nurturing than dictatorial. It’’s easy to see why his mother
Jeannine was an inspiration for his financial prudence and for his life beyond
his work, as she clearly set an example of sterling values and integrity for him
and his six siblings. She’s my hero now, too.”
– Leah LeMoine, Associate Editor, Phoenix Magazine

“Larry has written a beautiful financial ‘love letter’ to his mother. It is packed
with useful insight and advice for anyone who is trying to get on the road to
a worry-free retirement.”
– Marci Rossell, Former Chief Economist, CNBC

​​“Affirming the old adage that ‘Mother knows best,’ a son’s practical and time tested financial advice paves the way to a financially secure, debt-free future and offers important money lessons to share with anyone seeking financial security for life... a must read!”
– Kimberly Foss CFP, NYT Best Seller, Wealthy by Design

“As a parent, the tools to achieve financial security and peace of mind are among the most fundamental and important we can give to our children. This little book is chock full of timeless principles relating to money that every child (of any age) should know. It’s a book to read ourselves and then share with those we love.”
– Lynda Luiten, Owner, The Quilter’s Market in Tucson, AZ

​“A family honored by the strength of Mom taking the lead, determination sprinkled with humor, and a ‘do as I do not as I say’ legacy passed on to her son who definitely learned Mom was right. We’re the lucky ones.”
– Linda Olson, Director of Community Relations, MorningStar Senior Living

​“This book is a must-read for anyone, but especially for young adults starting out in their life’s journey. As a single mother, I have stressed many of these same principles for my three college age girls, and they appreciate hard work and the value of money. What a precious gift we can give to our children!”
- Debbi Koory-Blean, Co-Owner, The Ironworks

​“Jeannine Mathis will erase any ‘excuse’ you might think you have as a single mom to remain stagnant financially. It’s time to take control of your life, kids, and money. No more excuses!”
– Elayne Jackson, Insurance Professional

​“As I began to read, it felt as if I was reading a novel, and I didn’t want to quit until I finished it. But the information challenges you to really study and learn how this woman was able to overcome obstacles and become financially independent. I have a lot of admiration for her. There are areas in my own financial well-being that I intend to improve upon after reading this book. I gained new perspectives on my financial status as I move into the autumn of my years.”
– Norma Hamilton, Retired Project Manager

​​“Thought provoking with an intimate setting as the author takes you through his childhood and guides you with applications on life lessons that his mom taught him daily. I found myself sitting on the edge of my seat wondering how it would all end. Never expected a story within a story. Wonderfully written, easy read. Thanks for writing this; it has inspired me to handle my finances differently.”
– Tammy Baldwin, Owner, Tastefully Made Catering

​​"If a single mom of seven can go beyond putting food on the table, to sending kids to college and retiring comfortably at 62, there's hope for all of us. Larry's empowering story of his mom's practical stewardship, offers simple steps to ensuring financial peace and security."

- Deirdre Byerly, Administrative Assistant, Denver, Colorado

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​“This book conveys in simple language significantly important financial information and advice, applicable to any age. Yet the best part is that it’s written from a warm, personal viewpoint similar to a conversation between friends. The ‘Life Lessons’ sections at the end of each chapter contain solid wisdom for all, regardless of current circumstances. An easy read, it’s a smart investment of anyone’s time.”
– Nancy Snyder, Retired School Teacher

​“As a single mother raising a son on my own for nearly 20 years, and having known serious financial hardship, I found myself relating to many stories in the book. Mom Was Right is an honest call to action for anyone. Even at my age, there is so much more that I could be doing and it doesn’t seem scary or even very difficult. Mom Was Right is a blessing that I will not soon forget!”
– Keena Willis, Legal Assistant

​“Mom Was Right is a heartfelt story that will help you say to yourself, ‘From here forward, I will do things differently. Now that I know my why, I know I can.’ Among the life stories in Mom Was Right, there is also great parenting advice, which appears unintentional but very valuable. Mom Was Right is a read that I will be recommending to my clients. The honesty, solid advice, and great story is a must-read for every woman/everyone.”
– Juile J., Mortgage Consultant

​“Mom Was Right is a delightful read on the subject of financial planning. This is a topic that I usually leave to my husband because books on the subject typically look dry or boring to me. It’s a wonderful combination of memories and excellent financial advice. This book is anything but dry or boring. Financial planning tidbits are given in ways that are memorable and enjoyable to read.”
– Rikki Dalenburg, Full-time Mom

​“Mom Was Right is an excellent, easy-to-read and understand common-sense guide on the importance of financial planning. The lessons taught by Larry Mathis’ mother, Jeannine, go far beyond financial planning; she also had great parenting advice. I especially liked the lesson on identifying priorities and knowing the ‘why’ behind all of your personal and financial decisions. This is a fantastic book for anyone, especially women, trying to manage his or her personal finances.”
– Paula Aukes

​“This is more than a financial or money management book. It’s a personal story of the author’s childhood and how his mother overcame great odds to achieve financial freedom, while imparting common-sense knowledge to her seven children. It contains lots of financial advice that made me rethink our own savings and retirement plan. I found the quotes interspersed throughout the book very helpful, and the author’s questions to ask ourselves were thought-provoking. I highly recommend this book!”
– Cathi Kutz, Former Staff Member for U.S. Congressman

​​“Reading Larry Mathis’s book makes me wish I could have known his mother, Jeannine. Her quiet persistence, hard work, and intelligent decisions allowed her to respectably raise seven children, in spite of traumatically losing her husband, their sole breadwinner. Larry Mathis gently weaves sound financial wisdom through his family’s story of what could have ended in devastation. These principles can make all the difference in anyone’s life, if they will only follow them. Great story of hope and triumph, with a strong emotional impact.”
– Julia Rossen, Mom and Grandmother

​​“As a financial professional, I have read dozens of personal finance books. Mom Was Right is an engaging and practical personal finance book that I highly recommend everyone read. Regardless of where one is in life, he or she will find helpful advice and tools for good financial decision making in this book.”
– Karah Gagnon, Commercial Banker

“As I read this book, I found myself wishing for ‘do-overs’ in my own life concerning financial matters, but also realized that it is never too late to make changes. I only hope I can impart some jewels of wise spending, saving, and investing found in Mom Was Right to my own children.”
– Rhonda Zonoozi, Exercise Physiologist/Health Coach

​​“Author Larry Mathis shares a wealth of life-changing memories and practical advice with brevity, honesty, and user-friendly ease that will benefit every reader's soul and portfolio."  

- Celeste Montague – CEO at Celeste Montague Productions

​“Mom Was Right is a must read for everyone. It’s written in an easy to read, engaging, heart-warming way that you don’t want to put it down. Financial advice that is intertwined with a love story filled with family hardships and triumphs - not at all what I expected - so real you can feel the the writer’s emotions all the way through. Not many books actually change your life, but this one definitely will.”
– Kelly Snider, Office Manager

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